Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Linux was originally developed by Linus Torvalds originally was a kernel or core of the operating system. Today, Linux is a complete operating system. Linux CD now contains the operating system plus general office applications, multimedia, and Internet. The original MS Windows CD only contains an operating system, not including MS Office, Photoshop image processing, Exchange email server, etc., unless the CD pirated copy.
Linux licensing terms are often used is non-proprietary, open source, free software and GPL (GNU General Public License) which means almost the same: you are free to use, learn and develop (as available source code) and distribute, to anything, including for nuclear installations. Windows, Macintosh and proprietary programs are closed source, non free software and non-GPL.dan sure there are some differences again are:

Monday, April 25, 2011


What is RAM?

eBooster IconRAM (Random Access Memory) is a type of computer storage whose contents can be accessed in a fixed time not considering the location of the data in memory, is also one type of internal memory which determines the ability of a computer. Internal Memory (Internal Memory) can be called the main memory (main memory) and primary memory (primary memory). This component serves as a reminder.


Maybe we already feel saturated with windows XP desktop display and switch to Windows Seven, but I think probably more comfortable with Windows XP because it is lighter is used for playing games when compared with windows 7. But that is not cool in windows XP it may tampilanya still old school so that makes the user at saturated with the look of Windows XP that.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Technically, the website is a collection of web pages and supporting files, such as image files, video and other digital files are located (hosted) on a web server that is generally accessible via the Internet. To fight in AdSense, one must know first, whether the website and blog. Because they are not a mandatory thing can not be controlled by AdSenser. A website consists of various web pages. Web pages are placed in a hosting (web server) that can be accessed from their domain name, for example Web page itself is a document file written using HTML or XHTML (strict version of HTML). This web page is transferred from a web server to the client called a browser using a protocol called http (hypertext transfer protocol). 

Friday, April 15, 2011


About Smadav
2011 Smadav Rev. 8 was released with many new features and improvements that are specific to local eradication of the virus. Features such as Smad-Behavior that can identify new local virus that does not exist in database Smadav of his behavior when infecting the system. Smad-Ray that can scan automatically flash when installed within a maximum of 5 seconds. Smadav 2011 less stable and highly recommended to be combined with international anti-virus because it can only handle Smadav local virus. Immunization flash (using autorun.inf folder) has been revised and previously there will be a confirmation so you can decide whether a flash is to dikebalkan or not.

For information, the virus samples that users uploaded to the site, local spread of the virus is starting to fall dramatically in Indonesia. Perhaps this is due to the many local antivirus that can eradicate local viruses. And also because the users of Windows XP that have been reduced because some had to upgrade its operating system to Windows Vista or Windows7 which is very safe from viruses, especially viral infections locally . The spread of the virus in Indonesia, more dominated by viruses and malware international Smadav certainly can not be overcome. You must and highly recommended to use the international anti perlindungkan your computer from viruses and malware of this international.


Network models known as network planning. Network models or network planning is one technique that can be used to help managers decide various issues, particularly in planning, scheduling, and control work. Network planning activities to show the relationship between each other for achieving goals, which seek the optimal time in the completion of a project and the efficient use of the costs incurred.
"Network models cans help project managers maintain control, giving Them the capability to evaluate the time and cost implication of resource trade offs". This means that the network models can help project managers in an effort to control and achievement of the time and cost efficient project in relation to limited resources. This illustrates that the network planning can be used as information in determining the schedule of a project, so that any activity that has been, is, and will be implemented, can be arranged in such a way as to obtain the sequence and time efficient in order to measure how the use of resources from the overall project activities in order to obtain a minimum cost without the existence of a factor of production that are unemployed.



After gogling in the virtual world can finally see you too can make my windows seven blocked be active again. Because it only windows seven active period of one month so they have to look for Windows activator. And finally can Activator for windows seven, maybe this is activator simple but powerful. Already tested on Windows 7 Version 6.1 build 7600 and may be used also to build other versions. Its use is pretty easy, just double-click its activator, wait a few moments, Windows will restart and Bingo! Windows 7 you've been activation.